Happy When It Rains

Happy When It Rains

Yesterday was a dark, rainy, miserable day. I was in a bad mood. I was talking (texting) with a friend who pointed out that the rain probably had something to do with it. And he was right. Even though today is also dark and somewhat gloomy, there’s no rain, and I feel better.

However, since I am currently all about taking things that are negative and re-framing them in a more positive light (or trying to, anyway), on my way into work this morning I started thinking about some of things that are good about rainy weather. For inspiration, I listened to this song:

I love The Jesus and Mary Chain, and this song is from their record Darklands*, which I have been listening to a lot again lately. The songs flow together nicely and it’s all very cohesive. I like that in an album.

*The album also contains a song called ‘Nine Million Rainy Days’. Apparently a bit of a theme. I suppose it does rain a lot in Scotland.

The lyrics for ‘Happy When It Rains’ are all about the singer equating the rain with a girl: “You were the clouds in the sky / You were the darkest sky” and therefore the inclement weather does not seem so bad: “That’s why I’m happy when it rains”. I’ve always liked the way he sings this song, especially the line “I’m happy when it pours”. Rather than being negative, the darkness and rain are transformed into something intimate and pleasurable because they remind him of the girl. So, I guess Jim Reid is doing some positive reframing here, too.


3 responses to “Happy When It Rains

  1. A good choice of sounds!!!!

  2. Great album. I for one, love the rain. My mood is always better on gray rainy days, for some reason. Maybe I should move to Washington state.

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