Secretly Awesome Songs

The ever delightful Laird Sapir recently posted this article that got me thinking about songs that I secretly love. One of which is ‘Good Vibrations’.

No, not the Beach Boys tune. That is a legitimately good song.

I’m talking about this one:

Remember when Marky Mark was a rapper, not an actor? Ah, the ’90s. Speaking of his acting, though, have you guys seen the movie Fear starring him and Reese Witherspoon? My friend Michelle and I rented it in university and nearly died laughing. We were quoting lines from it for months afterward (“Nicole, get me a coke!”) My favorite part was when he carved her name onto his chest:


That is some seriously incorrect spelling, sir, and I think you are going to regret it.

Anyway, the video for ‘Good Vibrations’ is…kind of making my life right now. It’s also reminding me that Marky Mark really didn’t wear a shirt throughout most of the ’90s. If someone had told you then that this guy would eventually go on to be nominated for an Oscar…seriously, how fast do you think your head would have exploded?



2 responses to “Secretly Awesome Songs

  1. I was old enough to sneer and roll my eyes at Mark Mark when “Good Vibrations” came out, but secretly . . . yeah, it’s a heck of a lot of fun!

    • Hahaha totally!

      I will say this about Mark Wahlberg: he’s managed to live down the ignominy of his early career. He’s become a legitimately good actor, now on the list of ‘official movie stars’. Think of George Clooney or Brad Pitt…can you imagine either of those guys with a video like this lurking in their past?

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