Sometimes the Last Hook’s the Most Difficult One

lost at sea


What is her problem?
The sea is her problem.
No that’s not true, she is her problem.
She is in fact her very own problem.
The ocean is vast, depths untold.
The water is dark, and so cold.

Thinking this way is not easy to do.
Can it really be real? Can it truly be true?
He asks, why does this seem to be hard for you?
Has some thoughts about it — in fact he has a few.

But she knows the answers, they’re often quite plain.
She tries to find words and she tries to explain
Why it is she falls into the water again.
Could it be that the fish is foolish and insane?

In truth she is not, for she knows in her heart
That things can be best when they all fall apart.
She knows what to say, and if she is smart
She’ll allow it to happen, allow it to start.

Sometimes the last hook’s the most difficult one
To tear from your skin, free yourself and be done.


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