She lives in a world that’s half real, half her dreams
Nothing is ever quite what it seems
She is the roof and they are the beams
And it all comes tumbling down.

Where have you been, he asks with a frown
I’ve heard all the stories going round town
They say that you’re trying to knock yourself down
Why would you do such a thing?

How can you know what your choices will bring?
You’d like to stop by with a book and a ring
Thinking you might someday get me to sing
But you’ll never hear me do that.

Sometimes she feels like the Cheshire Cat
All gleaming white teeth, in a tree branch she sat
While the man poured his tea, in a checkered top hat
This is surely the end of it all.

Sometimes the world seems so terribly small
She threw down a brick and it shattered a wall
She lost her balance, could not stop the fall
She’s broken, but closer to free.


6 responses to “Wonderland

  1. Did you write this? (Or is this something I’m going to be embarrassed to not recognize?) It’s *very* good! I like it a lot, especially the second stanza.

  2. I really enjoyed your perspectives on the Cheshire Cat and those that she had a impact on!
    You are a talented poet of life’s adventures of trials and tribulations!
    Keep up the good work.

  3. I love this.
    So many of us find that real freedom follows from learning we can say to the world and to ourselves “I am not perfect and I don’t want to be”…

    and it is fun to sit in the tree smiling on those still scurrying about trying to be pefect, whatever that is.

    But then, come to think of it, it’s just fun to sit in a tree smiling…

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