Rubber Bouncy Balls

bouncy balls

If a friend ever calls you up and tells you “Dude, I am not feeling so good. I need to talk,” then I have a suggestion for you. On the way over to their house, stop by a convenience store and buy them a rubber bouncy ball. You know, those ones you can get for 25 cents (although, they are probably more like a dollar now. Damn you, inflation). When you show up at their house and they open the door, hand the ball to them and tell them to bounce it as hard as they can in their hallway.

It doesn’t matter what their issue is. Cat died? Girlfriend ran off with another dude? Boss is a jerk and their career is going nowhere? The bouncy ball will help. I mean, it won’t totally solve their problems or anything — it’s not magic — but I guarantee that it will put a smile on their face, at least for a minute or two.

While you’re at it, you might as well go ahead and pick one up for yourself, too.


6 responses to “Rubber Bouncy Balls

  1. Always knew you were a genius, M.

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