Little Dragons

You guys. The lizards here are kind of blowing my mind. They are like tiny little dragons!

I mean, yeah, I’ve seen lizards before…sure, who hasn’t? But for some reason these little dudes have really captured my imagination on this trip. I saw a huge one today — the King of the Lizards. I chased him around for ages trying to get a good picture, but to no avail. He eventually ran up a tree, and could not be coaxed back to the ground:

lizard king

Come down from your perch, Lizard King!

Also, check out this guy, chilling in the rafters of the thatched roof above our deck:


Buenos días, señor!

Aside from a slight feeling of paranoia that I am going to step on one in the dark, I am really enjoying the presence of these scaly pals.

run lizard run

Run Lizard Run

lizard on head

El Pensador con Lagarto


2 responses to “Little Dragons

  1. Great pictures. I especially like the last one. Where were these taken?

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