Fun, Fun, Fun

When I was little and my parents used to put on their Beach Boys records, I totally wanted to grow up and be the girl in this song:

It wasn’t because I wanted to have guys chasing after me, or whatever. I just liked the idea of driving fast, and not having any rules. The freedom of the road. It sounded so awesome.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of circumstances, I never even ended up getting my driver’s license. I know. Super lame. Seriously. My little cousins can drive, and I can’t. I am shaking my head as I am writing this. It’s just so wrong.

Well, it’s time this situation was remedied. I’ve been driving boats for years, after all. I have successfully comandeered a golf cart or two, and yesterday I was cruising around on an ATV. Quite proficiently, if I do say so myself, considering that the roads in Costa Rica are all vaguely terrifying. And I love going fast. So it’s time to put the pedal to the metal, so to speak, and learn to drive already. By now it has become a moral imperative, and once something falls into that category then you pretty much have to do it, no excuses.

So, start watching the road! You might just see me cruising past someday.

skillin' behind the wheel


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