The Magnetic Fields

Okay, I am pretty pysched right now, because tonight I am going to see a band that I love, The Magnetic Fields. My friend Adam and I went to see them the last time they came to town, and I seem to recall them having all these awesome stage props including a giant plywood cutout of a polar bear, like from a school play or whatever, but now I am wondering if I just hallucinated that as I can’t find any pictures from the show that would suggest the presence of such a prop. Perhaps Adam will remember it more clearly.

Anyway, in honor of tonight, here is one of my fave Magnetic Fields songs, from their excellent 2008 album Distortion.

And speaking of bears, here are a couple of pictures of the polar bear in Mr. Burns’ office, which is awesome, and should have it’s own spinoff show in my opinion.


mr. burns office


4 responses to “The Magnetic Fields

  1. nubeginnings2527

    Enjoy the show tonight, your website has become a daily reading for me. Thanks really enjoy my morning read. Remember, lights out at 8:30 Earth day, Maybe the show will be in candle light. yeaaaaaaaaaaa.

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