Introducing the Newest Member of the Mental Skillness Team…

Well, what a coincidence. Just yesterday I was remarking that I am in dire need of a monkey assistant. As luck would have it, one showed up at my door this morning. Ask, and ye shall receive!

His manner was personable and his references impeccable, so I hired him on the spot. So, I am very pleased to introduce to you my new Executive Personal Assistant, Thaddeus:


The fact that we share similar taste in eyewear was a good icebreaker, and I took it as a sign from the universe that this guy was destined to work for me.

He has already reorganized my filing and made me a killer latte, so I have the feeling that this is going to work out very well indeed. And I think I am a decent employer, so hopefully it’ll be a good fit for all parties. At least I am not this type of boss:

Please join me in welcoming Thaddeus to the Mental Skillness team!


9 responses to “Introducing the Newest Member of the Mental Skillness Team…

  1. Welcome, Thaddeus!

    Hey…if he has time, think he might be willing to come help me organize some stuff? Or, might he be able to recommend an assistant for me?

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