Hanging Up On People

thaddeus hang-up

In general, I am not a big fan of talking on the phone. I don’t know why, really…it just makes me kind of fidgety for some reason. There are exceptions, of course – there are certain people I really enjoy talking to, and the phone is also good for emergency situations, like when someone has a really scandalous piece of information that needs to be relayed immediately. Then it is all good.

One thing that is super fun about talking on the phone is when you hang up on people mid-conversation. The trick is to hang up not when the other person is talking, but rather in the middle of something that you are saying. Then they think that the line has just gone dead, or that they accidentally hung up on you. Then you can laugh to yourself as you picture their confusion at the other end of the line. It’s a risky move, though. Some people get offended by this, or don’t think it’s funny, which is totally fair of course.

I know it sounds kind of mean, but it’s not. Or maybe it is, I don’t know. But it makes me laugh, and I only do it to people that I think will also find it amusing. I would never hang up on my grandmother* or anything like that, for example. Only close friends!

*At least, not when she was alive. If she called me now I might hang up IN TERROR, because A GHOST IS CALLING ME!!! Although, if she is taking the time to call me from beyond the grave, perhaps she has something important to say, and even if not it would be nice to have a chat and catch up. Maybe she’s bored. Maybe the hereafter is not so exciting. What do I know? So I definitely would not pull the hang-up move. Especially since, like, how do you call back?

Anyway…if you are ever on the phone with me and the line suddenly goes dead, consider it a compliment of the highest order!


4 responses to “Hanging Up On People

  1. nubeginnings2527

    I think that is an excellent plan, especially whe you are talking so someone and you really want to get off the phone. OR, if you are having a discussion and it starts to esculate, knowing there is no return and the discussion is going nowhere. I must try this sometime. I think that you can save yourself from difficult situations in some cases, Not something to do on a regulary basis, just a crutch to use.

    • Definitely could be used as a tactic to diffuse a tense situation. Hanging up on someone when you’re in a fight *could* have the effect of annoying them even more, of course. But I like where you are taking this…


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