Thoughtful Gestures

skillin' in the rain

You guys! The nicest thing just happened to me. I work with this girl named Lolita (great name, right?) and today as I was leaving our building to go and grab some lunch, Lolita was returning from a walk. She saw me turn into the stairwell, noticed that I didn’t have an umbrella with me (it’s another dismal day), and caught up with me in order to lend me hers. Isn’t that awesome? I don’t even know her that well, but she went out of her way to help me out.

The best part was that her umbrella is one of those fancy ones with a heavy carved wooden handle, the kind that is really sturdy and doesn’t get turned inside-out by the wind. Just carrying it around made me feel more dignified. When the rain stopped I used the umbrella as a walking cane which felt very 19th-century-sophisticated-country-gentleman, and I imagined myself tramping across the moors of my estate surveying the land, with my trusty pack of foxhounds at my heels.*

*Obviously my entire notion of the English countryside comes from Jane Austen novels.

Anyway, this thoughtful gesture on the part of my colleague really helped to brighten up a rainy day!


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