Wishful Skillin’: Woodstock

woodstock skillz

In light of the fact that I am headed off to a weekend-long music festival I decided to make today’s instalment of Wishful Skillin’ about one of the most epic festivals of all time — Woodstock. Sure, the entire place turned into a giant mud pit, and there were half a million hippies milling around, but I still think it would’ve been an awesome experience.

Apparently heavily fringed white jackets were de rigueur at Woodstock, which is amazing in and of itself, and certainly worth the price of admission.


Roger Daltrey


Jimi Hendrix


Sly Stone

I can’t imagine many other contexts in which this particular item of clothing would be appropriate, except for maybe on Dallas Cowgirl Barbie, or the contestants from ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’. The fact that these dudes manage to pull it off without affecting their manliness is a fairly impressive feat. In fact, Hendrix looks downright casual. ‘What, this old thing? I always jam out on crazy guitar solos while sporting flamboyant fringed jackets’.*

*In fact, he did.

I will leave you with a few performances from Woodstock. Hope you all have a very groovy, far-out weekend.

psychedelic skillz

Peace out, brothers and sisters


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