I Choose Me

Omg omg omg omg. Okay, I don’t normally get excited about ads, but this one for Old Navy was just brought to my attention. I don’t even like Old Navy (although they do make decent flip-flops) and I usually find their ads super annoying (seriously, all those ones with mannequins having BBQs and going on cruises and stuff were just weird) but this one is awesome because it references oh, only one of the GREATEST MOMENTS IN TELEVISION HISTORY — i.e. the time that Kelly, when faced with the decision between marrying Brandon or flying around the world with Dylan, instead ditched both of them and delivered the infamous* line “I choose me”.

*Infamous, at least, amongst a specific demographic of women (currently aged 30-45 (?), approximately).


Bravo, Old Navy. Hats off to you for recognizing the sheer amazingness of this television moment.

First, let’s watch the original:

Oh, 90210. I love you so, SO much. Sigh.

And now, Old Navy’s take:

Thank you for this, Old Navy. While I am not really any more inclined to purchase your jeans, I do appreciate the trip down memory lane.


4 responses to “I Choose Me

  1. I loved 90210 as well and the Old Navy ad had me grinning ear to ear. :)

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