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Napoleon and Josephine

I love this painting, which was hanging in one of the rooms at Versailles. I love what everyone is wearing, especially Josephine.



All My Life

Walking in the City

I took this pic on my way home from work one day. Pretty, isn’t it? It hardly even looks like it was taken in the middle of the city.






Wishful Skillin’: Talking Pumpkins

So a work colleague was telling me about this field trip he went on the other day to a farm with his kid’s class. I thought I heard him say that there were some “pumpkins that gave a talk” — and I was all like “hold the phone, the PUMPKINS were TALKING?! That is sooooo great!”

Sadly, I had misheard that part of the story. The pumpkins were not chatting up the crowd.

But wouldn’t it be amazing if they were?

talking pumpkins!

Family Portrait




If I had a pirate radio station like Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume, I’d just be playing this record on a nonstop continuous loop all week, and you guys would be all “Skillz, seriously, WTF? Your radio station is kind of a downer…”

But sad arrangements and despondent lyrics aside, it really is a pretty record.