Boy Meets World Reboot

boy meets world

Oh man. I can already tell that this post is going to contain many embarrassing facts. But I am so excited about this, I must tell you about it! I have just learned that Disney is planning a reboot of the classic* ’90s TV series Boy Meets World.

*I use the world ‘classic’ loosely, as I have never actually encountered anyone other than myself who watched this show. If there are other people out there who liked it as much as me, pls. let me know and we can confab about how great Shawn was, and how we constantly were annoyed by Topanga.

Okay, so in random order, here are the most embarrassing things about my (not-so)-secret love for Boy Meets World:

  1. 1. The fact that I am even aware of this series in the first place is rather mortifying. But as I have previously mentioned, I am a big sucker for Disney and Family channel shows. Nothing really bad ever happens to anyone on these shows! Sure, people make mistakes and sometimes alienate their friends, family members, teachers, school peers, etc. But they always learn a lesson from these experiences and go forward with more wisdom and better equipped to deal with the world. Their trials and tribulations are character building but never catastrophic, and generally everyone ends up safely tucked into their beds at the conclusion of each episode. I love this halcyon, hyperreal version of the world, and I will not apologize for it! If loving it is wrong, I don’t want to be right!
  2. 2. I know who Will Friedle is. Like, I have seen more than one thing he has appeared in, including the appalling 1997 teen flick Trojan War, also starring the insufferable Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yes, people. These are the life decisions I have made.
  3. 3. I used to have an inexplicable crush on Rider Strong, the actor who plays Shawn. He was a troubled youth! With a heart of gold! This is obviously a devastating combination to a teenage girl. Don’t judge.
  4. 4. I also had quite the crush on Adam Scott, who played charming bad boy Griffin Hawkins. I still have a celeb crush on Adam Scott though, because he is great, so I really don’t feel all that embarrassed by this detail. What is embarrassing, however, is his acting on the show (and, really, everyone else’s). Behold:

Yup! That is some pretty horrible thespianism. But I love it anyway.

So yeah, the new series is supposedly going to be titled Girl Meets World and will follow the adventures of Cory and Topanga’s now-teenaged daughter. I am not gonna lie to you guys, I cannot wait for this. Please please please universe, make this happen — and if you can get Adam Scott back for a cameo, all the better!


4 responses to “Boy Meets World Reboot

  1. This is fab news! I loved watching Boy Meets World, and I too had a crush on Rider Strong. He’s still a good looking fella now…

  2. I grew up to this show…sure, when it started I was not even a year old, but I watched re-run after re-run and still do to this day. I love every plot line, every character (I wish I had a Mr. Feeny in all my school years, including college). I felt attached to Cory and Shawn and a part of them lived inside me as I grew into an adult. I can say right now, whatever re-mix of this show (if that’s even possible) will be terrible. Writers for these teen channels will kill the name of this show and I will not be a part of it…I am still going to watch though, but it won’t be the same.

    And trust me, we are not the only ones who watch this amazing show. All of my friends do also, and we all still talk about it whenever it comes on MTV2.

    • I love it that you watched this show so much and I am glad to hear that I was not the only one!! :D
      Agreed that the new version will likely be a travesty, and not the same as the old one, but like you I am definitely going to watch it anyway! You never know, they might surprise us. There are some decent writers out there working in the ‘teen show’ genre nowadays…so we shall see!
      That is AWESOMEZ that all your friends watch it too! Yay! You have cool friends.

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