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Alice in Wonderland

Speaking of Marc Jacobs, he is featured in one of the best Vogue portfolios of all time, from the December 2003 issue. It features Natalia Vodianova as Alice, and showcases frocks from Chanel, Versace, Gucci, and Lacroix to name a few. I love how Vogue incorporated the designers themselves into the story – Galliano as the Queen of Hearts, Tom Ford as the White Rabbit, Jean Paul Gaultier as the Cheshire Cat, Viktor + Rolf as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Christian Lacroix as the March Hare, and my beloved Marc Jacobs as the Caterpillar (I had this picture of him hanging up in my closet for years).

Here’s the shoot in its entirety (photographed by Annie Leibovitz).



alice 3











Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs

I am a HUGE fan of Marc Jacobs. I think he is a bit of a design genius. Also a very interesting dude. If you are so inclined, please check out this article from the January 2012 issue of Vogue. Be sure to click through the slideshow images, where some of his historic designs for Louis Vuitton are spotlighted — amazing.

Many column inches have been devoted to the deconstruction of Marc Jacobs’ design savvy, so I will simply devote this post to sharing with you some of my favourite MJ designs over the years.

There was, of course, his iconic 1992 “grunge” collection for Perry Ellis:



MarcJacobs Grunge

And when it comes to the military look, nobody does it like Marc. His entire Fall 2002 RTW show basically makes me want to punch myself in the face with joy:

fall 2002

fall 2002 military

Look at those jackets!! Aaaaaahhhhh so good!

Of recent years, my favourite was probably his Fall 2009 show. I love the combination of the shiny, luxe metallic tweeds and brocades with the dashes of asian-inspired detailing…

fall '09

fall '09

…with a nod back to those grunge-era plaids:

fall '09

fall '09


And just to prove to you how long I’ve been following Marc Jacobs’ career, here is a page I ripped out of a magazine back in the late ’90s featuring one of his ensembles. I don’t think I could pull off this outfit myself, but I remember loving everything about it when I saw it.


In summary, Marc Jacobs is awesome, and I hope he is on the scene designing beautiful things for many more years to come.

Angelina Jolie in Hackers


I spend quite a bit of time writing about bad movies that I secretly love. Most of them are actually fairly decent films…but I’m not sure if that can really be said for Hackers, 1995’s cyber-conspiracy flick starring Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie. To be honest with you, probably the main reason I love this movie so much is because I’ve had a thing for Jonny Lee Miller ever since his turn as Sick Boy in Trainspotting. But I will also say that this is the only movie in which I have really found Angelina Jolie attractive.*

*That’s not actually true. She was pretty smoking in Gia as well.

I think I just liked Angelina more back when she was kind of boyish-looking and badass. She and Brad bore me, you guys. I think he makes her less exciting. Now, she and JLM on the other hand…is it weird and/or pervy to say that I would totally watch them make out? Well, I would. Don’t lie, you would too. Do you know that when they got married (in real life, not in the movie) she wore black rubber hot pants and a white men’s dress shirt with his name written across the back in her blood? Yes, that was her wedding day attire. See, isn’t that Angelina way more exciting than her current iteration?

Anyway, in Hackers she plays Kate Libby (a.k.a. “Acid Burn”), teen hacker extraordinaire and daughter of a world-renowned feminist author. JLM’s character, Dade (a.k.a. “Crash Override”) meets her on his first day at a new school and becomes instantly smitten with her, obviously.


Wouldn’t you?

Throughout the course of the movie, Angelina’s character sports a series of outfits that are at times kind of bordering on hideous, but she manages to pull them off. Let’s take a look:


In this scene she is wearing what appears to be a bright turquoise wetsuit, which is obviously insane…but she looks pretty decent!


These dudes loitering in the school hallway to check her out clearly think so too.


That is some funky eyeliner…


Well, this is pretty adorable…


This jacket/wetsuit combo is ridiculous. But, she’s still hot.


I literally cannot think of anyone else who would look good in an all-white onesie and shin guards…that is quite an accomplishment, I’d say.


Even though she looks like some sort of demented anime character, I secretly love this dress.

Let me be clear here — I don’t think most people would look good in any of these ensembles. But Angie is not most people, and she looks rad. I think she should ditch Brad, reunite with Jonny Lee (he’s single now, right?) and bring back her Hackers-era stylings. The world would be a better place for it.

Shark Kabobs For Everyone!

Sometimes there is just nothing more pleasing than some sweet, sugary gummy candy. Especially if it has a fun name! Like Gummy Worms, or Swedish Fish, or these — Shark Kabobs!

shark kabob

Shark Kabob! It’s just so fun to say! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. In fact, I think you should celebrate life and go buy yourself one right now!

p.s. Those actually look more like dolphins to me…but Dolphin Kabob doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.