Monthly Archives: July 2013

BBQ in the Woods

You guys, a friend of mine recently moved to Banff to take part in a prestigious 4-week writer’s programme – you can check out his digs here.

Aside from being insanely jealous of him, I am totally stoked that he is getting the chance to hang out in such idyllic surroundings. I love the idea of having animals and various other wildlife hanging out on my back deck. I would organize a BBQ party and invite everyone! (Except for those damned cigarette smoking raccoons, who quite frankly have been getting on my last nerve lately. They have taken to sleeping on the outdoor couch in the backyard, which I think is rather presumptuous. At least ask, you know?)

Anyway, as soon as this shindig in the woods is confirmed I’ll let you all know. BYOBB!


Inflatable Apes

I believe that my love of inflatable apes is well documented on this site. They are just so great! They make everything 150% more amazing. That is a scientifically proven fact, by the way — and you can’t argue with science.

So you can imagine my extreme joy when I attended an event at the Great Hall in Toronto a few years ago and went on a little exploratory mission to the upstairs balcony area, only to come face to face with a giant black inflatable ape lounging in the corner. It is possible that I may have uttered the words “this is the best day of my life!” before rushing over to the ape and proceeding to take a series of selfies with it.

I was recounting this story to a friend of mine recently who did not believe my account of the events. “Why would there be an inflatable ape in the rafters of the Great Hall?” she asked incredulously. “I think you hallucinated all of this!” I tried in vain to locate the photos on my iPhone — alas, they had disappeared. ‘Was I indeed hallucinating?’ I wondered. ‘Was it all just a glorious dream?’ That evening I sifted through the folders on my desktop…and lo and behold:


I don’t know who the genius was who decided to hire this ape for the party, but whoever it was — bravo!