Hi guys! Did you miss me?

I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus. But not to worry, I’m still here, being amused and delighted by the small things in life.

Like, for example, Doggles. Now, I did not know that this superb invention existed until last week when my good friend Mr. Fox (that’s President Fox to you) texted to let me know that he had just run into a dog wearing goggles. He tried to snap a photo for me but alas the good fellow had continued on his merry way by that point and the Fox didn’t want to harass him on the street like a paparazzo.

Fortunately there are many photos of Doggles online.


Be cool, dudes!


4 responses to “Doggles

  1. Love doggles!

  2. Hey Skillzy, good to hear from you! And Good to Know Mtr president Fox still has a keen eye for eyewear.

    Doggles rock – I wonder do they fit monkeys and primates? Fancy even I could look good in a pair.

    Spooky action at a distance!!! – we just featured KerisWithaK rocking a MentalSkillness button. She’s in Tronno on Fri13th June for a conference.

    here’s a link…

    • Hello there! Thank you for the warm welcome back! Much appreciated. And yes, I reckon Doggles would fit monkeys – in fact, Thaddeus was talking about picking up a pair. You two should go shopping together :)

      Oh I *love* KerisWithaK!! She is very inspirational. That is awesome that she’s speaking in T.O. And I am very flattered that she’s sporting her MentalSkillness button!!! Thanks for the link!

      xo Skillzy

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