It Must Have Been Love

Today’s song of the day is brought to you by my eighth-grade crush on Justin Gordon. We slow danced to this song at our graduation. ‘Pretty Woman’ had just hit theatres so this tune was all over the airwaves. 

A few observations:

  1. Richard Gere is really tall.
  2. It’s kind of weird when Julia Roberts’ image is projected onto Marie Fredriksson’s white dress, right? 
  3. I’m also a bit creeped out by MF’s super beige bodystocking…BUT I love her black bodysuit, mom jeans & chunky belt combo. I would have 1000% worn that in the early ’90s (and still would??!?)
  4. The ’90s were a wonderful halcyon time, the likes of which will probably never be seen again. 

3 responses to “It Must Have Been Love

  1. Fun!! Keep em coming now and then 😊

  2. Huh? Never could find song. It must have been me!!!!


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