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Pickles in Party Hats

I mean really…what else is there to say?



BBQ in the Woods

You guys, a friend of mine recently moved to Banff to take part in a prestigious 4-week writer’s programme – you can check out his digs here.

Aside from being insanely jealous of him, I am totally stoked that he is getting the chance to hang out in such idyllic surroundings. I love the idea of having animals and various other wildlife hanging out on my back deck. I would organize a BBQ party and invite everyone! (Except for those damned cigarette smoking raccoons, who quite frankly have been getting on my last nerve lately. They have taken to sleeping on the outdoor couch in the backyard, which I think is rather presumptuous. At least ask, you know?)

Anyway, as soon as this shindig in the woods is confirmed I’ll let you all know. BYOBB!

Shark Kabobs For Everyone!

Sometimes there is just nothing more pleasing than some sweet, sugary gummy candy. Especially if it has a fun name! Like Gummy Worms, or Swedish Fish, or these — Shark Kabobs!

shark kabob

Shark Kabob! It’s just so fun to say! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. In fact, I think you should celebrate life and go buy yourself one right now!

p.s. Those actually look more like dolphins to me…but Dolphin Kabob doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Unstoppably Amazing

This next photo combines two of my very most favourite things ever: dinosaurs, and robot claw arms.


There should be more of both of these things in the world. Less war, more dinosaurs! Less global warming, more robot claw arms! This is my own personal version of utopia.



You guys, I know that cats have been ruling the internet since…well, basically since its inception. Or at least, ever since the whole government/military experiment era ended and everyone dropped the pretense that the internet is ‘for science’ (obviously it is for downloading free music and/or following celebrity feuds on twitter). But anyways, I am totally new to the lolcat party! Seriously, I know it’s hard to believe, but I really wasn’t aware of this phenomenon until I read an article about it in Vanity Fair (of course) a while back. You’ll be happy to know though that I’m making up for my years of ignorance by googling lolcat pics as often as possible these days and texting them to a friend of mine to underscore/complement whatever subject we’re conversing about at the time (possibly earning myself the title of Most Annoying Friend ever, but amusing me to no end). There really is a lolcat for every occasion. I also factored them into my final project for my JavaScript class! (Predicted grade = F minus).

Anyway, here are a few that make me laugh. Enjoy!









Strawberry Pop Tarts


Do you ever suspect that the world might be a much happier place if more things were just made out of strawberry pop tarts? Just putting the idea out there…I mean, I think this could be a real solution to society’s many ailments.

Drunk Octopus

drunk octopus