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Until the song is over

I’ve started driving to and from work recently. My time is precious now, and besides that I need the practice (I didn’t get my license until a bit later in life than some!)

Throughout most of my pregnancy I was too nervous to drive, and even in the year after Junior Juice was born my time behind the wheel was fairly limited. So this is the first time I’ve ever done the daily commute.

Don’t laugh, but up until now I haven’t turned the radio on while driving. I haven’t wanted any distractions to interfere with my focus on the road ahead. Today, though, as I pulled onto Bloor Street I flipped the dial to see what was playing. It was the tail end of a generic sounding song from one of the many indie bands currently populating the airwaves. “Booooo!” I yelled at the radio, punching the buttons. I feel that the radio exists solely to amuse me, and when it doesn’t I like to complain vigorously at it (see also: my TV). Just as I was about to shut it down, the Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go came on. Now, I love me some Clash. They are definitely one of my fav bands of all time, and this is a good song. I was torn.

I kept it on. I sang along. I even sang along to the Spanish bits, which I realized are the most genius parts of the song.* As I sailed over the Bloor Street Viaduct, I thought about how much my life has changed – and how far I’ve come – since I wrote this post. I used to be afraid of crossing the bridge via subway, and now here I was driving over it.

As I pulled into my garage at home, a song by the Strumbellas that I’ve been vibing came on. I didn’t want to get out before it was over, so I sat in my car belting it out at full volume. It’s got a singalong chorus that lends itself perfectly to such moments. I realized that all of you at-a-young-car-driving-age bastards (my technical term for people who got their licenses as teens rather than suffering the indignity of sitting through a Young Driver’s course at age thirtysomething) have been doing this for years! But this was my first time. Why did no one tell me how amazing it is to sit in your car, singing along, until the song is over? I feel honoured to now be a part of this club, and I feel like I’ll always remember this song and this momentous occasion.

Here it is:


*How great is it that ‘sabes que ropa me queda?‘ is a line in a punk rock song?



Float On

Friends, I would like to share a moment with you.

Tuesday was an absolutely beeeeautiful day here in the Big Smoke, and I had a chance to get out for a nice long walk. It was mid-afternoon as I made my way from College & Bathurst to Yonge & Dundas, winding though Kensington Market. If you haven’t been to Kensington for a while – as I hadn’t – you should check it out. It’s gotten pretty trendy. Gluten-free bakeries and free-trade coffee stalls abound. That sounds obnoxious but it’s not. Anyone who refuses to at least try a gluten-free cinnamon bun is simply being a contrarian and should be ignored. They are delicious!

At any rate, the sun was shining, it felt like it was about 20 degrees out, and I was listening to Modest Mouse’s ‘Float On’. There’s pretty much nothing I enjoy more than walking around my fair city listening to music, so this moment was a perfect confluence of events. I experienced such a lovely feeling of contentedness, and I wanted to share it with you, dear readers.

I hope that you too have a chance to rock out with the universe sometime soon!

xo Skillzy

Skillin’ Not Illin’: An Affirmation

I visited my naturopath recently and we were talking about stress and the toll that it takes on the human body. It’s true y’all: STRESS KILLS. You heard it here first. MSkillz, M.D.

Anyway, she suggested that amongst other things, a good thing to do each day is to make a list of 5 things that you are grateful for. So, I figured that today’s a good day to start! Here’s my list.

  • 1. I am grateful for this website. It has been here for me through the good and the bad. And if I do say so myself, I think I’ve put together a pretty special little world here. Which leads me to my next item…
  • 2. I am grateful for my utterly superb support staff here at Mental Skillness HQ. From Thaddeus (the best office manager anyone could wish for) to the Duck, Blape, Mr. Messy, the Friendly Monster, and President Fox…I couldn’t do it all without these guys.
  • 3. I am grateful for who I am. I am also grateful for who I am not. I will leave it at that.
  • 4. I am beyond grateful for my amazing friends and family. These stellar people are worth their weight in gold. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
  • 5. I am grateful for music. As Bob Marley once said, “Music is everything”. I couldn’t agree more.

And here’s a song for you!

Now My Heart Is Gold

Will I Ever Dance Again

Will I Ever Dance Again

Thaddeus’ comment this morning, when I put on Wildlife Pop again for the 10 billionth time: “Seriously…? Why don’t you just marry it?”

So I played the record on repeat for the entire day. Hahaha Thaddeus. In your face.

Actually though, by the end of the afternoon he was totally grooving on it too, and we just threw on this song and had an impromptu office dance party here at Mental Skillness HQ.

You can join our dance party too! Just press the ol’ PLAY button below:

Favourite Converse

I post about Converse a lot, cause I love ’em. I’ve been rocking this pair for a few years now, and they’re pretty much in perfect beat-up condition. Pretty soon they’ll start to totally fall apart, so I’m enjoying their glory days while they last.


Dogs Driving Cars

You know when you are walking through a parking lot, and someone has left their dog in the car, and the dog has climbed over into the driver’s seat so it looks as though they are driving the car?






Ahahahahaha! Kills me every time.