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Brandon Flowers’ Blazer

At the dawn of a new year, I think it’s important that we take some time to celebrate the truly inspirational things in life, such as this magnificent animal-print blazer worn by Brandon Flowers. It might be the best jacket I have ever seen, and though I am still waiting for a glance at his disco-ball suit, this will do for now. I am content.

Happy 2016!








Hi guys! Did you miss me?

I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus. But not to worry, I’m still here, being amused and delighted by the small things in life.

Like, for example, Doggles. Now, I did not know that this superb invention existed until last week when my good friend Mr. Fox (that’s President Fox to you) texted to let me know that he had just run into a dog wearing goggles. He tried to snap a photo for me but alas the good fellow had continued on his merry way by that point and the Fox didn’t want to harass him on the street like a paparazzo.

Fortunately there are many photos of Doggles online.


Be cool, dudes!


My sister-in-law sent me this link and it is just about the best thing I have seen all week. Please, please check it out — it is amazing, and the people behind this little project are awesome:

View story at

Let it never be said that I don’t love a plastic dinosaur toy.


I also think that the message here is a great one — that creativity can be old school, without losing any of the fun. I work in an industry where the buzzword is ‘digital’ and it seems like everything these days is going online. Which is fine — obviously, I am posting online as we speak, and you are reading my words on a computer or smartphone screen. There’s no escaping the fact that as a society we are moving towards a more digital model of social interaction. But it’s really, really fun sometimes to break out the plastic dinosaurs and T-Rex it up a little.


Pickles in Party Hats

I mean really…what else is there to say?


Inflatable Apes

I believe that my love of inflatable apes is well documented on this site. They are just so great! They make everything 150% more amazing. That is a scientifically proven fact, by the way — and you can’t argue with science.

So you can imagine my extreme joy when I attended an event at the Great Hall in Toronto a few years ago and went on a little exploratory mission to the upstairs balcony area, only to come face to face with a giant black inflatable ape lounging in the corner. It is possible that I may have uttered the words “this is the best day of my life!” before rushing over to the ape and proceeding to take a series of selfies with it.

I was recounting this story to a friend of mine recently who did not believe my account of the events. “Why would there be an inflatable ape in the rafters of the Great Hall?” she asked incredulously. “I think you hallucinated all of this!” I tried in vain to locate the photos on my iPhone — alas, they had disappeared. ‘Was I indeed hallucinating?’ I wondered. ‘Was it all just a glorious dream?’ That evening I sifted through the folders on my desktop…and lo and behold:


I don’t know who the genius was who decided to hire this ape for the party, but whoever it was — bravo!

Alice in Wonderland

Speaking of Marc Jacobs, he is featured in one of the best Vogue portfolios of all time, from the December 2003 issue. It features Natalia Vodianova as Alice, and showcases frocks from Chanel, Versace, Gucci, and Lacroix to name a few. I love how Vogue incorporated the designers themselves into the story – Galliano as the Queen of Hearts, Tom Ford as the White Rabbit, Jean Paul Gaultier as the Cheshire Cat, Viktor + Rolf as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Christian Lacroix as the March Hare, and my beloved Marc Jacobs as the Caterpillar (I had this picture of him hanging up in my closet for years).

Here’s the shoot in its entirety (photographed by Annie Leibovitz).



alice 3










Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs

I am a HUGE fan of Marc Jacobs. I think he is a bit of a design genius. Also a very interesting dude. If you are so inclined, please check out this article from the January 2012 issue of Vogue. Be sure to click through the slideshow images, where some of his historic designs for Louis Vuitton are spotlighted — amazing.

Many column inches have been devoted to the deconstruction of Marc Jacobs’ design savvy, so I will simply devote this post to sharing with you some of my favourite MJ designs over the years.

There was, of course, his iconic 1992 “grunge” collection for Perry Ellis:



MarcJacobs Grunge

And when it comes to the military look, nobody does it like Marc. His entire Fall 2002 RTW show basically makes me want to punch myself in the face with joy:

fall 2002

fall 2002 military

Look at those jackets!! Aaaaaahhhhh so good!

Of recent years, my favourite was probably his Fall 2009 show. I love the combination of the shiny, luxe metallic tweeds and brocades with the dashes of asian-inspired detailing…

fall '09

fall '09

…with a nod back to those grunge-era plaids:

fall '09

fall '09


And just to prove to you how long I’ve been following Marc Jacobs’ career, here is a page I ripped out of a magazine back in the late ’90s featuring one of his ensembles. I don’t think I could pull off this outfit myself, but I remember loving everything about it when I saw it.


In summary, Marc Jacobs is awesome, and I hope he is on the scene designing beautiful things for many more years to come.