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Froggy and the Otter

froggy & otter

Once upon a time there was a frog. The frog was friends with an otter. They had only known each other for a short time but the frog liked the otter very much, they always had interesting things to talk about and the frog really enjoyed the otter’s company. They used to swim together in the lake for exercise.

One day the otter said to the frog: “Froggy, I think I’m going to take a trip”. “Where to?” asked the frog. “I need an adventure,” the otter replied. The otter felt like he had spent too much time in the same old lake and wanted to see new lakes, eat different fish, and generally have a good time and find some excitement. “Well,” said Froggy, “I think that if you feel that you should get a change of scene, my friend, then you should!”

So one day the otter packed up his walking stick and some provisions and set off through the woods. The frog was sad to see his friend go, but he knew that the otter had to go on a walkabout and have a grand adventure. For many moons, Froggy swam the lake back and forth, generally by himself. Sometimes he was joined by other frogs and tadpoles who he knew from the local pond, and he made friends with some badgers that lived in a nearby glen. But he missed his friend the otter and thought often of how he must be faring on his trip.

Eventually the day came that the otter returned, a bit weary from walking and swimming so far, but very happy about the things he had seen and the adventures he had had. The frog was overjoyed to welcome his friend back, and they talked for many days about the interesting people and places the otter had encountered. The frog realized that when it came to friends, you could sometimes spend long periods of time away from one another, but if you were very good friends you would always be able to pick up where you left off, because good friends are in your heart & mind no matter where you go.


Cottage Friends

This dapper gent lives in the somewhat swampy section of the beach beside our front dock.


He is a nice neighbor.

New Friends

I’ve made a new friend!

Quite an affable fellow. Good energy, positive spirit.

Here we are, chilling by the pool.