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BBQ in the Woods

You guys, a friend of mine recently moved to Banff to take part in a prestigious 4-week writer’s programme – you can check out his digs here.

Aside from being insanely jealous of him, I am totally stoked that he is getting the chance to hang out in such idyllic surroundings. I love the idea of having animals and various other wildlife hanging out on my back deck. I would organize a BBQ party and invite everyone! (Except for those damned cigarette smoking raccoons, who quite frankly have been getting on my last nerve lately. They have taken to sleeping on the outdoor couch in the backyard, which I think is rather presumptuous. At least ask, you know?)

Anyway, as soon as this shindig in the woods is confirmed I’ll let you all know. BYOBB!


Once a Cardinal Always a Cardinal

Ever since I became slightly obsessed with the idea of cardinals on Christmas cards, I’ve been noticing them everywhere! I stumbled upon some shiny wrapping paper that is printed with cardinals, and I realized that one of my favourite mugs has a cardinal on it (picture to follow).

I’ve never actually seen one in real life, though. I am hoping this happens soon. After all, it is the Christmas season, so I feel like there’s a better chance of running into one now than at any other time of year.

For now, here is a picture of one to put a smile on all of our faces:


Look at this little guy! He looks like a tiny, adorable gumdrop!

Here’s another:


Ahhhhhh! Too cute!

Fascinating creatures…

Froggy and the Otter

froggy & otter

Once upon a time there was a frog. The frog was friends with an otter. They had only known each other for a short time but the frog liked the otter very much, they always had interesting things to talk about and the frog really enjoyed the otter’s company. They used to swim together in the lake for exercise.

One day the otter said to the frog: “Froggy, I think I’m going to take a trip”. “Where to?” asked the frog. “I need an adventure,” the otter replied. The otter felt like he had spent too much time in the same old lake and wanted to see new lakes, eat different fish, and generally have a good time and find some excitement. “Well,” said Froggy, “I think that if you feel that you should get a change of scene, my friend, then you should!”

So one day the otter packed up his walking stick and some provisions and set off through the woods. The frog was sad to see his friend go, but he knew that the otter had to go on a walkabout and have a grand adventure. For many moons, Froggy swam the lake back and forth, generally by himself. Sometimes he was joined by other frogs and tadpoles who he knew from the local pond, and he made friends with some badgers that lived in a nearby glen. But he missed his friend the otter and thought often of how he must be faring on his trip.

Eventually the day came that the otter returned, a bit weary from walking and swimming so far, but very happy about the things he had seen and the adventures he had had. The frog was overjoyed to welcome his friend back, and they talked for many days about the interesting people and places the otter had encountered. The frog realized that when it came to friends, you could sometimes spend long periods of time away from one another, but if you were very good friends you would always be able to pick up where you left off, because good friends are in your heart & mind no matter where you go.

Cardinals on Christmas Cards

I have decided that all Christmas cards should contain at least one cardinal…preferably multiple cardinals if possible.


Look at them just chilling out in that tree, all blasé and cool. So awesome.

Wildlife Pop

You guys, I randomly Shazam’d this song somewhere, cos it sounded super ’80s (i.e. great) to me.

There isn’t even a vid for it, just this photo of a dude surfing in a business suit. As you do! I like everything about this.

Also, please check out the album cover for the band’s record Wildlife Pop, which is rad:

wildlife pop

Lest you think that dude doesn’t actually run around wearing red jeggings, a fur cape, and a giant gold medallion, please see this photo for reference:

stepdad fur cape

I am actually a bit obsessed with their style in general:


This is all quite amazing.

Walking in the City

I took this pic on my way home from work one day. Pretty, isn’t it? It hardly even looks like it was taken in the middle of the city.


Wishful Skillin’: Rainbow Happiness Lollipop Land

rainbow happiness

lollipop sky

If it rains, no problem — I’ve got a lollipop umbrella! But it won’t rain. Nothing but blue skies here…