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The Meta Oreo

meta oreo

So meta…

Well, this is good news indeed! Time is reporting that Nabisco is set to launch two new oreo flavors on February 3rd, for a limited time only. The flavors are “cookie dough” and “marshmallow crispy”.

The writers at Time are a witty bunch, and I was amused by these musings within the story:

First, there’s the cookie dough variety. After taking a bite of the treat, one TIME staffer’s eyes lit up with joy and wonderment as he declared it even better than the original. Then he promptly went back for seconds. Here’s the thing, though: while delicious, it doesn’t really taste like cookie dough. Several staffers said they got hints of coffee or caramel, and one said it should be renamed the Frappuccino Oreo. It’s good, we all agreed, but if you were to taste it blindly, you most likely wouldn’t guess that it’s supposed to represent cookie dough. Still, because it’s technically a cookie dough-flavored cookie, one TIME writer dubbed it the “meta Oreo.”

The Meta Oreo! Yes!!!! It sounds like a superhero, doesn’t it? I think it is clear that we need to get our hands on some of these new oreos stat, and perhaps even make the Meta Oreo the official mascot of Mental Skillness HQ.

We are guessing that they won’t be available on Canadian shelves any time soon, so if you are headed to the States in the near future please send us a care package!


Shark Kabobs For Everyone!

Sometimes there is just nothing more pleasing than some sweet, sugary gummy candy. Especially if it has a fun name! Like Gummy Worms, or Swedish Fish, or these — Shark Kabobs!

shark kabob

Shark Kabob! It’s just so fun to say! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. In fact, I think you should celebrate life and go buy yourself one right now!

p.s. Those actually look more like dolphins to me…but Dolphin Kabob doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

This fortune cookie is totally hitting on me.

cookie lothario

Tacos & Dead People

I was at La Carnita on College Street last night for a friend’s birthday. If you live in Toronto, I highly recommend this place. I looooove Mexican food, and their tacos are superb. They have all sorts of varieties like battered cod, beef cheek, and swordfish ceviche, just to name a few. They also mix a pretty killer cocktail.

On top of that, their aesthetic is really awesome. All the waitresses are dressed up in that Mexican Day of the Dead makeup, which looks amazing. They’ve also decorated the walls with photos of famous dead people. Behold:









Marina Candy


Rules my world.

Panda Sushi

Okay, so this is totally apropos of nothing, but my friend just sent me these ridiculously cute photos of sushi shaped like pandas.

I mean…sushi shaped like pandas!!!! So simple, and yet so brilliant!

panda sushi

panda sushi


Pizza Man

My friend and I ran into this little dude when we were at L’il Baci earlier this summer.

Look at him — so excited about the pizza! Now that’s enthusiasm!!

We love him.

pizza man

He’s a real Pizza Man
Sitting in his Pizza Land
Making all his pizza plans for everybody

Loves mozarella or feta cheese
Wants pepperoni, and mushrooms please
Tasty toppings bring him to his knees

Pizza Man, please listen
Your order’s in the kitchen
Pizza Man, your pie is at your command

He’s as hungry as he can be
Eats all the ‘za he wants to eat
Pizza Man, you can really have it all

Pizza Man, don’t worry
Take your time, don’t hurry
Leave all that indigestion for another man

Doesn’t have a tried-and-true
Tastes as many toppings as he wants to
Isn’t he more epicurean than you and me?

Pizza Man, keep munching
We’ll join you for our lunching
Pizza Man, our meal is in your hands

He’s a real Pizza Man
Sitting in his Pizza Land
Making all his pizza plans for everybody
Making all his pizza plans for everybody