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I Won’t Share You

Okay, here’s something beautiful for all of you people looking for beauty.

From Morrissey’s (excellent) autobiography which The Fox gave to me some time ago and I am now finding time to read in the bathtub:

“A window-ledge in a forgotten corner of the Wool Hall Studios showcases a peculiar stringed instrument from 1777, which Johnny instantly grabs – ‘Oh, let’s see how this sounds – and, by second run-through, he can play the oddly stringed lyre that has no sound hole. The strings are possibly horsehair, and there is a barely usable tuning bar, but the sound Johnny finds is mesmerizing, and the song I won’t share you is alive. It is a fascinating moment when Johnny’s inner ear leads the way to somewhere unknown – somewhere mistrusted by all until the final depth of thought strikes. The technical term is bling.”

This, my friends, is the history behind the very best Smiths song. I’ve always loved it for the beautiful sound of the strings. Now I know where it comes from – what a gift. Merry Christmas, from Morrissey to me to you.


I’m Just Me

Okay, so I heard this song a few days ago and I am kind of totally digging it! It’s suuuuper clubby, but the synth that kicks in around 2:47 is making me really, really happy. When I listen to this part of the song, it just makes everything seem a little better. Probably because it sounds so ’80s, and anything that reminds me of that decade is great.

Also: LASERS!!!

ALSO: Vanilla Ice hair is officially back in now? Well it’s about time.

Great Christmas Songs, Part 1

Okay. It’s that time of year again — no matter where you go, people are busting out the Christmas songs and carols. I, for one, love it. I am a huge fan of Christmas carolling, which will probably surprise some of you who know me, but it’s true!

Traditional carols are great, but there have also been some pretty excellent Christmas pop songs produced over the years. Over the next few days I will be sharing with you some of my favourites.

First up is Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’. This is possibly one of the cheesiest songs ever recorded, but I love it! Not in small part because of the RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING video:

Like, seriously. Everyone looks so amazingly, perfectly ’80s here that it is kind of blowing my mind. For example, these dudes:

wham! friends

And George Michael’s lady friend’s entire ensemble is pretty fantastic:

so '80s

As are these stellar ski goggles:


Ah, the ’80s!

Also, this image of George Michael in the fur hood is kind of making my life:

george michael

And the ‘smoldering’ look he gives the girl during the dinner scene kills me:

george michael

That is some fine acting work there, my friends.

In summary, I am choosing this as one of my fav Christmas songs because it hearkens back to a magical era known as the ’80s, when both women and men alike had feathered hair and wore day-glo colours and oversized shoulder pads, even in their ski coats! At Christmas time, it’s nice to be reminded of these halcyon days of yore…

Bonzo’s Legacy, Part 1

Obviously this is one of the best Zeppelin songs of all time:

John Bonham truly was an exceptional drummer. Did you know that many artists over the years have sampled the opening drum riff from this song? Yes, it’s true. It’s hardly surprising, since the drum track is awesome. But you might be surprised to find out the wide array of songs in which it’s been sampled.

First up is this little number:

Excellent use of Bonzo’s riff.* A+ for you, Beastie Boys.

*Zeppelin apparently did not agree, taking legal action against the BB’s for the inclusion of the sample. What’d they do in return? Sampled it again, in 1992’s So What’cha Want.

Tune in tomorrow to find out who else has made use of this superb track…

Ender’s Game

enders game

I just finished reading Orson Scott Card’s 1985 sci-fi novel Ender’s Game. It was great, on many levels – plot, characterization, evocative imagery, insightful commentary on the nature of the human condition. Aside from all that, though, one of the other aspects of the novel that I really enjoyed was the character names. First of all, ‘Ender’s Game‘ is a seriously kick-ass title for a book. It just sounds cool. The fact that Ender is the name of the main character is a bonus. And the entire story is populated by characters with interesting names. Here are a few of them:

  • ★ Ender Wiggin
  • ★ Valentine Wiggin
  • ★ Petra Arkanian
  • ★ Carn Carby
  • ★ Crazy Tom
  • ★ Sargeant Dap
  • ★ Dink Meeker
  • ★ Julian “Bean” Delphiki
  • ★ Rose the Nose
  • ★ Hot Soup
  • ★ Fly Molo
  • ★ Pol Slattery

I mean, would you not want to hang out with any and all of those dudes, based solely on their appellations? And sure, yeah, a couple of those are Battle School nicknames, but most of them are their legit birth names. Awesome.

Will I Ever Dance Again

Will I Ever Dance Again

Thaddeus’ comment this morning, when I put on Wildlife Pop again for the 10 billionth time: “Seriously…? Why don’t you just marry it?”

So I played the record on repeat for the entire day. Hahaha Thaddeus. In your face.

Actually though, by the end of the afternoon he was totally grooving on it too, and we just threw on this song and had an impromptu office dance party here at Mental Skillness HQ.

You can join our dance party too! Just press the ol’ PLAY button below:

Take On Me

OMFG I used to love this song soooo much when I was a little kid (and I still do). In grade school my friend Arwen and I took lessons at a dance academy in our neighborhood that was run by a lady and her two teen-aged daughters, Miss Nadine and Miss Rosemary. Between the two of them Miss Rosemary was the cool, ‘rebellious’ one and she used to choreograph routines for us set to ’80s New Wave and pop tunes. We totally adored her, obviously. We all kind of wanted to grow up to be Miss Rosemary.

Anyway, this was the song she used for our final recital routine. It still makes me happy every time I hear it. Yet another reason to love the ’80s!